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5 Insurance Policies Everyone Needs July 11, 2017

Milledgeville, Baldwin
5 Insurance Policies Everyone Needs, Milledgeville, Georgia

Your insurance policies exist to protect you from financial disaster. But if you don't have coverage in all areas, you're still vulnerable. The coverage you need will depend on your circumstances, but according to the Craig Massee Insurance Agency in Milledgeville, GA, there are a few types of insurance policies no one should be without.

5 Insurance Policies You Should Have

1. Health Insurance

In recent years, health insurance laws have changed significantly, implementing fines for those who don't carry this coverage. Beyond that, major health problems are one of the most costly circumstances you may ever face—so take advantage of the widely available coverage and make sure you have adequate health insurance.

2. Homeowners Insurance

Insurance  PoliciesIf your home sustains a burglary, fire, flood, or other destructive force, homeowners or renters insurance makes the difference between a major loss and a minor setback. Insure your belongings and your home against disaster.

3. Auto Insurance

Aside from being required by law, auto insurance protects one of your most valuable belongings. It also protects your earning power, as many people rely on their cars to get to work.

4. Disability Insurance

The idea of becoming disabled in the long term is upsetting, which is one reason many people skip this type of coverage. However, a disability insurance policy protects your livelihood and your standard of living if an injury or illness prevents you from working.

5. Life Insurance

This is another case where many individuals don't want to consider the worst. Untimely death is not a pleasant subject, but for the sake of your family, it is essential to have a plan in place—and a life insurance policy is a central component to the financial side of that plan.

By obtaining coverage in these five essential areas, you protect yourself, your belongings, and the future of your family. If your coverage is insufficient, contact the Craig Massee Insurance Agency today at (478) 452-3539 or online to start arranging a better policy.

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