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How to Choose the Right Liquor for Special Occasions June 29, 2017

Port Morris, Bronx
How to Choose the Right Liquor for Special Occasions, Bronx, New York

Special occasions warrant celebrating with an exquisite bottle of liquor. If you need help selecting the right types of drinks for your celebrations, the professionals at Port Morris Distillery can offer assistance. For nearly a decade, they have provided Southern Bronx, NY, residents with their signature craft spirits.

Below, they share a few important insights into choosing the right type of drinks for your important events:


LiquorThere’s nothing like a martini to ring in your birthday. Order it dry, perfect, or wet depending on how much vermouth you want in your drink.


Having a bar set up at your wedding celebration is the best way to satisfy your guests’ unique palate and preferences. Pick a balanced combination of aged wine and spritzers to serve up a delightful combination of flavors. Typically, popular drink mixes such as martinis, sidecars, and cosmopolitans are loved by people of all age groups, making them safe choices for your wedding day celebrations.

Anniversary Toasts

Champagne and sparkling wines have remained classic choices for toasting to milestone birthdays and anniversaries. Or, consider red wines, which can be mixed with a variety of beverages for a signature drink of your own.


Nothing suits the holiday season better than a glass of red or white wine served with your favorite seasonal delicacies. White wines with a hint of acidity help cut through the saltiness of spicy appetizers and gourmet cheeses. On the other hand, full-bodied red wines pair well with the rich and fulfilling meals everyone loves to savor during the holiday season.

Breathe new life into your celebrations with the incredible variety Port Morris Distillery has to offer. They offer free liquor tastings and tours to help you plan the drinks for your next event. For further information about the Pitorro selection at this South Bronx distillery, call (718) 585-3192 or visit their website.

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