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Early Childhood Education: 5 Tips on Keeping Kids Interested in Learning June 27, 2017

St. Charles, St. Charles
Early Childhood Education: 5 Tips on Keeping Kids Interested in Learning, St. Charles, Missouri

Keeping your kids interested in learning can be a challenge. But early childhood education is invaluable to development. The dedicated staff at Great Beginnings day care in Missouri employs various methods that engender excitement in even the most reluctant little learner.

5 Ways to Make Early Childhood Education Fun

1. Make Learning Fun

Many kids are put off by school work out of boredom. To get children engaged, incorporate the things they’re passionate about, like games, art, and music. This strategy takes the monotony out of learning by making academic activities feel more like playtime.

2. Look for Educational Opportunities

Another good way to boost interest in early childhood education is to look for learning opportunities outside of the classroom. This is most important over the summer months, when kids may be less in touch with educational pursuits than during other times of the year. Consider day trips to the museum, library, zoo, or any other venue where your child can learn. 

3. Offer Rewards for Achievement

early-childhood-educationWhen it comes to school work, encourage your child through positive reinforcement. Rewards can come in many forms, from letting your child partake in a beloved activity to offering a treat. Also, take the time to praise your child for any academic accomplishments; showing that you’re proud makes them feel good and encourages them to continue succeeding.

4. Set an Example

You can also show your kids just how important learning is by setting a good example. You’re never too old to learn a new skill or ability, so make your household one of discovery. This is also a good way to increase your knowledge base and take on a few new hobbies.

5. Get Your Kids Reading

A good way to encourage learning is by fostering a love of reading. Books help children develop language and communication skills, as well as empathy. Read aloud to them until they’re old enough to do so on their own, and take them on trips to the library and bookstore.

Great Beginnings makes early childhood education a top priority. They offer comprehensive services and a balanced curriculum led by licensed instructors. To keep learning fresh and exciting, the child care center offers a blend of traditional and progressive teaching styles. Contact one of two convenient locations today; call (636) 724-5048 to reach the St. Charles, MO center, or call (636) 447-4212 to speak to someone in Cottleville, MO. You can also visit them online for more great tips geared towards parents.

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