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Top 5 Flower Bouquets That Make For A Perfect Wedding Day July 14, 2017

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Top 5 Flower Bouquets That Make For A Perfect Wedding Day, Port Jervis, New York

When you're up against a wedding to-do list that just doesn't end, a little inspiration can go a long way. A beautiful flower bouquet is a must for making any bride's big day complete, but with so many styles to choose from it can be a little intimidating. Thankfully, people in and around the Port Jervis, NY, area have Laurel Grove Florist to depend on for gorgeous arrangements.  

The Top 5 Bridal Bouquet Styles

1. Posy

You can't go wrong with a classic posy bouquet, which is comprised mostly of flowers with a rounded design. Top it off with a simple ribbon wrap, and you can see why it's such an enduringly popular style. 

2. Round

If you want to take that rounded shape to a whole new level you can go with the dome-like beauty of a round bouquet. While these typically consist of a single type of flower with a uniform color, feel free to mix it up to properly complement your dress. 

3. Hand-Tied

flower bouquetThis might be the ultimate flower bouquet template for freeform customization. Hand-tied bouquets tend to mix in more greenery than most and are generally less precise and rigid in favor of a freshly-picked, unique look. The wrap provides just as much of an opportunity for creativity as the flower selection, too. 

4. Nosegay

You'll also find more greenery than other styles in nosegay bouquets, which are often made in smaller arrangements. That makes them an especially popular choice for bridesmaids, so keep them in mind when looking for bouquets for the rest of the wedding party. 

5. Cascading

Cascading bouquets create a one-of-a-kind dramatic flair that will go wonderfully with certain gowns. The less busy the dress and accessories are, the more effective this waterfall of flowers and vines will be. 

The style you end up with will reflect the aesthetic of both your bridal gown and the wedding itself, which is no small feat. That's why the assistance of a flower arrangement specialist is so invaluable, and you'll find nothing but the best at Laurel Grove Florist. Visit them online for a closer look at their most popular bridal bouquet designs, and call them at (845) 856-3623 to start customizing your flowers today.

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