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5 Advantages of Solar Power Over Wind June 28, 2017

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
5 Advantages of Solar Power Over Wind, Kahului, Hawaii

Renewable energy comes with a number of benefits, from being better for the environment to substantially lowering your energy bills. The two most popular renewable options are solar and wind, and each resource comes with unique pros and cons.

Below, Sun King in Kahului, HI, shares five advantages of solar power to help you decide:

1. Space

Wind power requires turbines that tower above surrounding structures. Installing these large structures is not always possible, depending on where you live, and turbines can be an eyesore. Solar power, on the other hand, uses flat panels that can rest on your roof or the ground to soak up sunlight and generate energy without taking up undue space or interrupting your view.

2. Predictability

You never know when the wind will be strong enough to turn a turbine and generate power. Solar systems, however, can easily follow the sun as it moves throughout the day with the help of tracking systems. You can produce solar power even on cloudy days, whereas wind turbines will not run without the hint of a breeze.

3. Maintenance

solar powerSolar panel maintenance is minimal because the panels are either stationary or close to it, depending on your system. Wind energy, however, features moving parts that can malfunction or break, and require fixing before they’re up and running again.

4. Silence

Turbines both large and small are noisy. Solar power, however, is silent, allowing your home to run on renewable energy without added noise pollution.

5. Installation

Installing a solar system is as simple as attaching panels to a grid system. Depending on their angle and placement, you’ll start storing solar energy right away. Wind power requires tall turbines to turn the wind into electricity. The process can be complicated depending on turbine size and location. 

Making the switch to renewable energy is a big decision. Weigh the pros and cons along with further research on your local climate and weather to understand which option is best for you. For further advice, call Sun King at (808) 599-7793 or visit the website to learn about their services, such as solar power pool heating and air conditioning installation on Oahu, Kauai, and Maui, HI. 

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