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Which Quinceanera Dress Color Is Right for You? July 14, 2017

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Which Quinceanera Dress Color Is Right for You?, Columbus, Ohio

Celebrating your Quinceanera means leaving childhood behind and embracing your future as a woman. One of the most cherished aspects of this coming-of-age celebration is the Quinceanera dress. The traditional color worn is white, but in modern times, young women started wearing a plethora of different colors, each one imbued with its own unique meaning.

If you want to make a statement at your own Quinceanera bash, here are some of the most popular color choices and what they say about your personality:

  • quinceanera dressPink: This color represents passion and love. If you’re excited about finally moving onto the next stage of life, but take pride in your girlish charm, pink could be the right color for your dress.

  • Blue: If you strive to exude serenity in all of your pursuits, blue is probably the right color for you. This lovely color has a naturally calming effect on people, and seeing you walk through the hall in it will fill your guests with a sense of peace.

  • Sea Foam Green: The color of growth and balance is green. If you have an affinity for the outdoors, and can often be found on long walks or just enjoying nature, the right Quinceanera dress for you is probably green.

  • Red: Bold and sophisticated, red is nearly the opposite of the traditional white. This color suits someone who’s full of confidence and loves being the center of attention. Red makes a huge statement effortlessly.

  • Yellow: Young women filled with cheer may gravitate toward the yellow Quinceanera dress. Looking like the embodiment of the sun itself, you’ll make everyone around you happy too!

  • White: If you appreciate tradition, you could look stunning in a white dress. This color represents innocence and new beginnings, which is perfect for starting off the newest chapter of your life.

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