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Allurez Makes Designing Your Own Engagement Rings Easy December 26, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Allurez Makes Designing Your Own Engagement Rings Easy, Manhattan, New York

The decision to get engaged is not one most people make on whim. So, why not put just as much thought and effort into the ring itself? Designing an engagement is a way to make this special moment even more memorable. It might sound difficult, but Allurez makes designing engagement rings easier than you think. Their high-quality jewelry will stay in your family for generations.

Whether or not you’re already familiar with fine jewelry, you can submit your own ring design, if you have one. Alternatively, Allurez.com has tools that can be used for designing engagement rings. If you want to submit your own design, simply submit the design, the type of materials and stones you want used, and a price range.

If you choose to use Allurez’s design tools, you can customize every part of the ring. From diamond shape to style or metal, the choice is all yours. Center diamonds can be round, princess, cushion, radiant, pear, heart-shaped, or numerous other options. Metal choices include platinum, 14K white gold, palladium, and 18K rose gold. Gemstones or a twisted band are two options to consider if your bride-to-be prefers a non-traditional ring. The range of options available is only limited to your imagination.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are symbols of unconditional love that lasts a lifetime, so they need to stand the test of time. When you purchase high-quality jewelry from Allurez, you can be assured that these rings will last as long as your love for each other. Visit Allurez online to browse their selection and create a perfect engagement ring for the one you love.

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