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Home Security System Checklist: What to Do Before Your Next Vacation July 14, 2017

Mount Washington, Cincinnati
Home Security System Checklist: What to Do Before Your Next Vacation, Cincinnati, Ohio

Everyone’s excited when vacation time comes around, but there are vital safety steps to tackle before heading out. Home security systems should be in proper order prior to leaving, ensuring your property and possessions stay safe. Whether you’re gone for a weekend or a few weeks, the experts at Cincinnati, OH’s Mr. Lock Locksmith & Security Systems share a go-to home security checklist you should always follow.

Your Home Security System Checklist

Entry Points

Since intruders usually access your home from the first floor, take control over your windows and doors. When entry points are secured with alarm systems and security cameras, you can relax knowing your property is well-protected.

  • Try Smart Locks: These state-of-the-art devices make break-ins significantly more difficult, quickly scaring off intruders who don’t want to spend the extra time and risk to get inside.
  • Sync Up: Before departure, ensure all alarm systems are synced with both your phone and your security service center. Not only will you receive an alert if an intruder makes an attempt, but the service center will immediately dispatch officials. 


Lighting is a vital part of frightening off intruders. Since dark homes scream “empty,” lighting is an effective deterrent for would-be intruders.

  • home security systemsCreate a Schedule: Thanks to helpful handheld remotes, you can control your lighting on the go. While you’re on vacation, schedule lighting to turn on at regular intervals throughout the day. 
  • Detect Movement: Both security cameras and lighting can be visibly displayed on your household’s exterior, with options to turn on cameras or lights during movement. If an unwanted intruder is attempting to enter, flickering lights and moving cameras will frighten them off quickly. 

Control Your Systems From a Distance

Not only should you sync up your mobile phone and bring a smart home control along, but there are extra steps you can take to monitor your home while you’re away. 

  • Try Apps: Providers offer apps to monitor your home security systems on the go, allowing you to watch over your residence from anywhere in the world. Apps also offer control, so you can switch up lighting, cameras, and alarms directly from your mobile device.
  • Check Footage: Your phone also allows you to access live home footage at any time. If you’re hesitant about being away, check in at any time and rest easy knowing your household is safe. 

To keep your home protected during your next vacation, trust the professionals at Mr. Lock Locksmith & Security Systems. No matter where you are in the world, home security systems provide a welcome peace of mind. Visit the company online for additional information, or call (513) 232-2424 today. You can also connect with the team on Facebook.

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