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How Does Custom Millwork Differ From Casework? July 14, 2017

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How Does Custom Millwork Differ From Casework?, Hamilton, Ohio

In the world of woodworking, learning the difference between custom millwork and casework is an important issue for consumers to know. According to Butler County Lumber Company, these terms are often used to describe any type of carpentry. However, in reality these classes are quite different. To help clear things up, this Hamilton, OH, lumber yard highlights the basics of both.

What Is Custom Millwork?

In its simplest definition, millwork is used to describe any piece of wood that has been crafted at a mill. Custom millwork refers to made-to-order carpentry work that can serve both decorative and practical purposes.

custom millworkAlthough lumber is used to describe actual building materials, millwork is the term you would use to identify carpentry that is visible within a home. For example, millwork may include door frames, crown molding, stairway rails, and trim. It can also be used to produce individual parts for custom shelving or cabinetry.

Custom millwork is usually designed to fit a particular space and can feature minimal or ornate decorative elements to make it unique. As a result, custom millwork is often one of the more expensive examples of woodworking.

What Is Casework?

Casework is best defined as the act of assembling box-shaped features, such as cabinets or cases. Generally, casework is used for modular purposes and is not custom-made. Casework can come assembled or provide the consumer with pre-fab pieces of lumber that are used to create the final product. Since casework is generally mass-produced and not tailored to fit specific dimensions, it is less expensive than millwork.

Which Is Better?

Each type of woodworking offers unique advantages, and you may end up using both as part of your construction project. Casework, for example, can provide consistent, quick storage options and typically comes finished for immediate use. Custom millwork, on the other hand, tends to be unfinished, allowing you to further individualize the finish to fit your taste.

While custom millwork is more expensive than casework, it will add considerable value to your home and likely will be higher quality than assembled pieces found at a retailer. If you want to enhance your home with millwork, it is important to choose a trustworthy lumber service that offers all the expertise and resources necessary to produce the results you desire.

As a full-service mill in Hamilton, OH, Butler County Lumber Company will introduce you to the many advantages of custom millwork. Visit them online to learn more about their woodworking services and building material options. To request a quote for your lumber needs, contact a specialist today at (513) 896-6660. You can also connect with their team on Facebook.

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