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Common Culprits That Lead to Dishwasher Repair June 30, 2017

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Common Culprits That Lead to Dishwasher Repair, Jacksonville East, Florida

Just like any other appliance, you want your dishwasher to function effectively. If a messy drainage issue leaves dirty water behind, however, you’re faced with a need for dishwasher repair.

Dishwashers can malfunction due to a variety of causes: 

  • The Drain Pump: Your drain pump pushes water out when the clean cycle stops. If there’s an issue with this part, it could leave behind dirty dishes. Call in a repair technician to diagnose the issue—there’s a chance it could be an attachment part that’s simple to swap out. While the pump is more difficult to replace, a professional will handle the process efficiently.
  • The Drain Hose: Rinse off all dishware before placing it in your machine. Problems could stem from a clogged drain hose filled with debris left behind on cups and plates. A repair technician will completely remove the hose to search for and eliminate any blockages. 
  • The Garbage Disposal: A new disposal could be the culprit of drainage issues. This is because they come with a solid plug that connects to your dishwasher’s drain hose. If the plug is not removed during installation, your system won’t drain properly. To avoid this, trust an appliance service for the installation, replacement, and removal of any disposals.  
  • dishwasher repairThe Drain Valve: When you open your drain valve, it should pop open quickly without any hassle. If it doesn’t, your entire system will cease draining. Since these valves can act up from time to time, the cause may not be serious. Though, it may also be a clog, which could back up and worsen over time. If you sense an issue, it’s better to play it safe and seek service right away. 


If drainage issues are giving you a headache, trust in the team at IS Appliance Repair in Jacksonville, FL. They’ll handle dishwasher repair and other services quickly and affordably. Visit their company online for additional information, or call (904) 553-4090 to schedule your appointment today.

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