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Prepare For The Polar Vortex With a New Hat From The Hat Shop in NYC December 24, 2014

SoHo, Manhattan
Prepare For The Polar Vortex With a New Hat From The Hat Shop in NYC, Manhattan, New York

Did you know that wearing a hat conserves 20% of your body heat? Therefore, wearing hats in New York is more than just a stylish accessory decision—it's a matter of necessity! Last year, the polar vortex took over our winter and, unfortunately, this year's chilly season is expected to be no different. But don't worry, because The Hat Shop, the NYC’s premier hat store, has you and your head covered! Rated as one of the best hat shops in America by USA Today, their store has a variety of hats to keep you warm this winter.

A polar vortex is a circulation of very cold air which sits over the polar region during the winter season. Not a new occurrence, polar vortexes have been around for decades, though we don't always experience it. When the polar vortex is pushed south, we feel and experience arctic air in the United States—air that is way colder than our normal chill. 

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we’re about to face part two of last year’s cold, so, in preparation, The Hat Shop dutifully geared up to meet the demands of such cruel weather. Currently stocked with the largest selection of warm winter hats they've ever carried at one time, The Hat Shop has a wide range of hats to fit any style and budget.

Here’s a brief run-down on The Hat Shop’s available selections:

  • Plain and Simple Beret: $20 
  • Alsan Bomber : $68
  • Scottish Cashmere Beanie: $110 
  • Mouton Bomber: $148
  • Puffy Raccoon Bomber: $288
  • Tatyana (tall fox fur toque): $688
  • Lara (medium crystal fox fur toque): $718

Don’t get caught in the cold this winter! Stop by The Hat Shop in SoHo today, visit them online, or call (212) 219-1445