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7 Essential Tasks to Include on a Construction Cleanup Checklist July 14, 2017

Wakefield, Bronx
7 Essential Tasks to Include on a Construction Cleanup Checklist, Bronx, New York

A construction job doesn’t end when the final nail goes in. It’s finished only when the job site has been cleaned thoroughly. Construction cleanup is essential to not only beautify the new space but ensure it is safe for the occupants. Even one jagged piece of debris is enough to cause a severe injury and legal trouble, so it’s critical to ensure every task is handled. 

Construction Cleanup Checklist

Building Exterior

Inspect the perimeter of the new building for construction debris and trash. Place all refuse in durable garbage bags while wearing heavy-duty gloves and protective clothing. Remove residue and marks, such as dried concrete and paint, from the entryways.

Counters & Cabinets

Wipe down cabinets, drawers, and counters to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Soak rags with an all-purpose, germ-killing cleaning solution, such as a mixture of white vinegar and water, and give these surfaces a thorough scrubbing.

HVAC System

Construction cleanup The Bronx NYCheck and clean the ductwork and ventilation to avoid circulating dust continually throughout the new building. Clean the HVAC units, including the filter, after you are finished with the ductwork and ventilation.


Deep-clean all bathroom surfaces, including tiles, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, with a vinegar and water solution. Even if they weren’t used during construction, these components probably have accumulated grime and require cleaning and deodorizing.

Walls & Ceilings

Remove spider webs and dust from the walls and ceilings, and check for marks and chips on the paint while you’re doing it. Make small touchup repairs where necessary to ensure surfaces are free of flaws.


Wipe down the windows with vinegar and water to ensure they are dust-, cobweb-, and streak-free. Clean the windowsills as well, as they probably collected a fair amount of dirt and a few dead insects during the window installation process.


Finish your construction cleanup project by sweeping and mopping the floors. Apply wax once everything else in the building is clean to avoid smearing dirt and dust into the flooring.


Work with the friendly, experienced team at Roman & Roman Cleaning Services whenever you require professional cleaning help. The Bronx, NY-based service offers construction cleanup for any job site. Call (646) 650-5565 to schedule a crew to provide eco-friendly cleaning for your building and visit their website for more information about their work. Follow the company on Twitter for residential and commercial cleaning tips.

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