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FAQs About Tire Repair & Replacement June 29, 2017

Eastside, Paterson
FAQs About Tire Repair & Replacement , Paterson, New Jersey

Whether your car has taken a beating on an uneven road or you ran over a pothole, there’s never a convenient time to deal with a damaged tire. However, when the situation calls for a tire repair or replacement, it’s important to have it taken care as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage to your vehicle. Serving residents throughout Paterson, NJ, the skilled technicians at 21 Ave Tire Repair provide a wide range of top-quality services, including tire repair and replacement. Below, they share their knowledge with you. 

FAQs About Tire Repair & Replacement

Is It Safe to Repair a Flat Tire?

tire repairWhen you spot a flat tire, the first step you need to take is to remove it from the wheel to ensure it’s not damaged. You will need to check for the type of damage, as well as its size and duration. Punctures up to ¼ inch in diameter can typically be repaired. However, if the holes are larger, or located in the shoulder and sidewall, your tire must be replaced as soon as possible.

How Can I Tell When I Need New Tires?

One of the easiest methods is to hold a penny with Lincoln’s head pointed down, and insert it into the grooves of the tire tread. If any part of his head is covered by the tread, than you still have a safe amount of tread, otherwise it’s time for a replacement.

What Is the Expected Life of My Tires?

The standard expected lifespan for tires from the date of manufacture is 10 years, however most tires will need to be replaced before that time depending on the amount of wear and tear.

What Should I Look For When Inspecting My Tires?

It’s important to inspect your tires regularly for uneven tread wear, shallow tread, and damaged areas. You should also check the valve caps to ensure they are all on your tires. 

If you’re in need of tire repair or replacement services, you can turn to the team at 21 Ave Tire Repair. Call (973) 225-0923 to schedule an appointment or for more information about their comprehensive list of services. 

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