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How to Know It's Time to Replace Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment July 14, 2017

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How to Know It's Time to Replace Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Anchorage, Alaska

As a restaurant owner or manager of a food preparation business, you’re probably familiar with hot kitchens and long hours. Commercial kitchen equipment works day and night just like you do, but eventually you will have to replace it. There’s no time frame for how long an appliance will last — its durability depends on its quality, usage, kitchen conditions, and the maintenance it receives. However, there are ways to know you need a new commercial refrigeration unit or another piece of restaurant kitchen equipment.

How to Tell It’s Time to Replace Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Excessive Repairs

Equipment that breaks down frequently will slow your kitchen operation considerably as well as cost you money. If it seems your commercial freezer is struggling to maintain the correct temperature, an oven is constantly overheating, or any other equipment isn’t working as it should, forgo restaurant equipment repair in favor of replacement.

Rising Utility Expenses

Commercial kitchen equipment Anchorage AKEnergy costs are always higher in extreme temperatures like the heat of a professional kitchen. However if your utility bills have spiked suddenly, it could be due to inefficient commercial kitchen equipment. The age of your appliances provides a clue regarding efficiency, as older units rarely have the energy-saving abilities of their newer counterparts. Energy Star was created in 1992 to certify products as energy-efficient, so any equipment older than 25 years probably is increasing your electric bill.

Excessive Wear

Commercial kitchen equipment with visible wear and tear could strain your operation. Corrosion and other age-related issues can affect the efficiency of the appliances and even alter the taste of the food made with them. Appliances in poor condition also could raise a red flag during routine health department inspections. If your equipment is showing its age, it’s probably time to replace it.


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