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How a Warm Indoor Pool Can Take Your Workout to the Next Level July 6, 2017

Penfield, Monroe
How a Warm Indoor Pool Can Take Your Workout to the Next Level, Penfield, New York

Between all the cardio and weightlifting, swimming can also transform your body. Penfield Sports & Fitness in Rochester, NY, has the group exercise classes and personal training you’ve been looking for, and they also have a warm indoor pool for the newest addition to your workout routine. Swimming has countless benefits, and you don’t need to be the next Olympic athlete to reap the rewards.

Here are a few reasons you should suit up and dive in:

  • Double Duty: Workouts usually consist of two kinds of training—cardio and strength training. You can plan your routine to give equal time to both, but doing laps in a warm indoor pool covers both cardio and strength training at the same time. You’re constantly moving, and the water is weighted resistance, working both your arms and legs.
  • Endurance: When you’re swimming, your body needs to adjust to minimum oxygen. With each breath you take, your lungs learn to take in more air. That habit will follow you outside of the pool, and swimmers are known to have lower resting heart rates and blood pressure. Having more control of your breathing will also make you a better long-distance runner.
  • Low Impact: warm indoor poolMany personal training professionals recommend swimming to injured athletes or individuals who need a low impact activity. Water is good resistance to build and tone muscles, but your kicks and strokes aren’t the same as pounding the soles of your feet on hard pavement. It’s a fluid movement that doesn’t come with the jarring impact of other exercises.
  • Less Difficult: When you’re swimming, you don’t need to focus on your lap time or intensity. You set your own pace and let the water melt away both fat and stress. As long as you know the basics about staying afloat, it doesn’t matter whether you’re injured, pregnant, or out of shape—everyone can experience the benefits of swimming.

Working out should be fun, and switching up your routine to include some splash time in a warm indoor pool may be exactly what you need to stay motivated. Call Penfield Sports & Fitness at (585) 586-7777 to ask about the pool hours. You’ll also learn more about their facility on their website.

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