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A Simple Guide to Different Types of Heavy Equipment Rentals July 20, 2017

West Hamilton, Hamilton
A Simple Guide to Different Types of Heavy Equipment Rentals, Hamilton, Ohio

Heavy equipment rental is a great way to get the tools you need without the expense of buying to own. However, equipment comes in many categories, and some situations are better for equipment rental than others. To help you determine what you need and whether renting is the best option, the experts from Hamilton Rental Center have compiled a simple guide.

From asphalt sealer to masonry tools, they’re the Hamilton, OH, area’s most knowledgeable equipment rental specialists. Read their information below to see if your project calls for heavy equipment rental or if buying is a better option:

  • equipment rentalFarm: To maximize efficiency and output, farming calls for heavy equipment ranging from tractors and harvesters to grain movers. Tractors are the most common type of heavy farm equipment and can sometimes be rented, like if you have a small plot of land or a one-time job. However, since most farmers need tractors long term, they typically buy instead of rent.
  • Construction & Demolition: Construction and demolition work calls for everything from heavy bulldozers to handheld power drills, and whether or not equipment rental is a good fit depends on your project. Since small tools such as power drills are something you’ll need for all kinds of projects, you’re better off buying them. Heavy equipment you expect to only need sparingly, like bulldozers, can be rented.
  • Transport: Specialized vehicles allow for the safe transport of everything from building supplies and lumber to retail goods. Transport equipment has features like bed tilting and unfolding ramps to make moving large amounts of material into a manageable task. If you run a construction company, or one that makes revenue entirely from transport and logistics work, you’ll want to buy the equipment. Otherwise, renting will make more financial sense.

For reliable equipment rentals from the Ohio’s most knowledgeable experts, call Hamilton Rental Center at (513) 868-8665. In addition to top-notch equipment for all types of jobs, their tool sales and repair department offers top brands at affordable prices. Whether it’s masonry tools or aerial lifts you need, check out their website for more information on their offerings.

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