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Ready to tackle the vast wilderness of Paramus New Jersey? Pick up everything you need for your camping trip at REI. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or doing anything else outdoors, REI has the best collection of sporting goods.

Hike 4 More Miles a Day with This Piece of Outdoor Equipment June 20, 2017

Paramus, Bergen County
Hike 4 More Miles a Day with This Piece of Outdoor Equipment, Paramus, New Jersey

Can a piece of outdoor equipment really make you faster? REI customers already know the answer: absolutely. Here’s an REI fact that might surprise you: dehydration can decrease your walking performance by at least 55%. Let’s say you’re going on a full-day hike. Most people hike at around three miles per hour. When does dehydration come into play? Dr. Harold at the University of Utah recommends you drink a quart of water every hour as you hike — that means, for every hour you don’t, you can expect to see your efficiency fall.

How Can Outdoor Equipment Stop Dehydration?

Easily!Outdoor Equipment It’s called the Marmot Kompressor Zest hydration pack. Hydration packs are some of REI’s most popular pieces of outdoor equipment… for good reason. The Kompressor looks and works like a backpack — but it also holds two liters of water in its Hydrapak Shape-Shift reservoir and comes with a 500 mL flask. That’s about 2.6 quarts of water — more than two and a half hours of hydration. At three miles per hour, it’s even conservative to say this outdoor equipment will get you four miles farther.

Get the Most out of Your Hike

Hike farther and longer with REI’s outdoor equipment. Check out REI’s huge selection of outdoor equipment and see how else your performance can be optimized.

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