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When you’re walking through Los Angeles and suddenly get the craving for the perfect frozen yogurt, stop by PINKBERRY on Second Ave. With lots of fun flavors and delicious toppings, there’s no better frozen yogurt shop.

Delight Your Taste Buds With Pinkberry's Newest Frozen Yogurt June 20, 2017

Historic Cultural, Los Angeles
Delight Your Taste Buds With Pinkberry's Newest Frozen Yogurt, Los Angeles, California

The froyo experts at Pinkberry are bringing all the flavor without the heat this summer as they introduce their brand-new blueberry muffin frozen yogurt. This delectable treat will shock your taste buds with a double-dose of sweetness, leaving you refreshed and wanting more.

You Can Have Your Muffin and Eat it Too

Pinkberry’s delicious new flavor makes quite the statement on its own, but it also pairs well a few signature ingredients. The froyo company recommends topping off your creation with their blueberry muffin crumbles, as well as fresh blueberries to create the ultimate Blueberry Delight. This sweet and savory bowl of fresh-baked goodness is the perfect way to indulge without going overboard on your calories.

Try it today!

If you have a passion for blueberries, then head over to your local Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop today. Whether you prefer plain froyo or toppings galore, this flavor won’t disappoint you!