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4 Reasons to Take an Improv Class at The UCB Comedy Theatre December 17, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
4 Reasons to Take an Improv Class at The UCB Comedy Theatre, Manhattan, New York

If you love to laugh—which we all do—Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is your place to hang. With comedy shows of all kinds, including improv comedy, sketch comedy, and the best stand-up comedy in Manhattan, it’s also the perfect place to try something new. In addition to its amazing shows, UCB Theatre offers improvisation and sketch comedy classes through its qualified training center.

You don’t have to be an aspiring comedian to reap the benefits of a class at UCB. Here are four benefits of taking an improv class:

  • Learn by Getting Uncomfortable: Few things in life are more uncomfortable than being on a stage and being asked to perform without preparation. You can get out of your current state of mind and be open to doing more new activities in the future.
  • Listen Better: Improv is a collaborative effort between participants, so listening to each other is essential. Not only are you listening to their words, but you are also interpreting their emotions and body language.
  • Gain Confidence in Public Speaking: Public speaking is a frightening thing for many people, but improv forces you to become acclimated to speaking in front of audiences. Additionally, since you’ll be without a script, your confidence will truly need to shine through.
  • Learn About Your Strengths: By becoming different characters, you’ll actually learn a lot about yourself. You will need to pull from your own life experiences to create them.

Are you ready to expand your horizons? Classes at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre sell out quickly but are posted two to six weeks in advance. Visit them online today to check out open classes, or call (212) 366-9176 for more information.

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