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3 Ways to Tell It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning System June 27, 2017

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3 Ways to Tell It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning System, Nicholasville, Kentucky

The instant you hear your air conditioning system sputter to a halt, you might wonder whether you should call a professional to fix it or start shopping for a brand-new unit. Although old wisdom suggests repairs are always the prudent route, replacing your system might help you resolve a long list of homeowner hassles. Here are three ways to tell it’s time to replace your air conditioning system. 

3 Signs You Should Get a New Air Conditioning Unit

1. Your System Can’t Keep Up With Demand 

air conditioningOver time, many homeowners decide to add on to their houses, finish their basements, and even convert attic spaces into spare bedrooms, making it hard for old air conditioners to keep up with the heat load. However, it is important to remember your original air conditioner was installed based on the current square footage of your home, and new additions or finished areas may warrant an HVAC upgrade. If your AC can’t seem to keep up with demand, hire a professional to carefully evaluate your home to determine if your unit is the proper size.

2. The Math Doesn’t Add Up

That repair might be less expensive than a new system, but if your air conditioner breaks again in a few months, you might be wishing you had put that money towards a new unit. As a general rule of thumb, experts recommend multiplying the age of your system by the estimated cost of repairs. If that number exceeds $5,000, you are better off investing in a new air conditioner. 

3. Your Summer Power Bills Are Outrageous

Modern air conditioning systems use up to 50% less energy than units installed in the 1970s. If you have an old unit, it could be increasing your monthly power bill budget during the summer months. If your power usage is high and your air conditioning system is old, consider an upgrade to save money and protect the environment.  


Are you ready to replace your outdated air conditioner with something new and efficient? Stewart Air Conditioning & Heating in Lexington, KY, can help with everything from testing your indoor air quality and calculating your AC load to programming your thermostat and installing a brand-new air conditioning system. For more information about their services, explore their website or call (859) 252-4945.

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