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5 Insider Secrets for Pro-Level Tile & Grout Cleaning July 13, 2017

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5 Insider Secrets for Pro-Level Tile & Grout Cleaning, Goshen, New York


Tile and grout cleaning is a precise science, and without taking the proper measures to slough away dirt, you could wind up doing more harm than good to your floors. As an award-winning residential and commercial cleaning company serving Goshen, NY, family-owned and operated Mr. K’s Carpet Service specializes in removing stubborn grime from tile and grout.

Here, their detail-oriented staff shares some of their best tips for keeping your tile sparkling clean:

  • Don’t Let Spills Sit: Whether your body wash has toppled over in your shower or your pet has made a muddy mess in your foyer, promptly addressing spills is one of the secrets of tile and grout maintenance. The longer you delay tile and grout cleaning, the more difficult it will be to lift away stains and dirt.
  • Invest in a Water Softener: Scale buildup is a result of mineral-heavy water drying on your bathroom tile. To limit the amount of shower scrubbing you’ll have to do, consider investing in a water softener.
  • tile and grout cleaningGive DIY a Try: At-home solutions can be effective for everyday cleaning. Cleaning mixes with ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, and other household essentials may surprise you with their results. Just make sure the cleaning agents you select are safe to use on your type of tile and grout to avoid doing irreversible damage.
  • Keep Showers Short: Long showers increase your tile’s exposure time to moisture. By keeping showers brief, you may be able to limit grime accumulation. Of course, you’ll be doing the environment a favor at the same time!
  • Enlist Professional Help: Sometimes, grime is just too difficult to tackle on your own. Without professional-grade tools and solutions, it’s virtually impossible to eradicate all signs of tile and grout buildup. If you’d like to make your shower, foyer, or any other tiled area of your home look like new again, the best option is to hire professional help.

See why so many New York homeowners rely on Mr. K’s Carpet Service for exceptional tile and grout cleaning services. Call (845) 294-5345 to contact the cleaners, or visit their website to learn more about their additional services, including carpet and upholstery cleaning. You can also connect with the company on Facebook.