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How Grief Counseling Helps Children Cope July 13, 2017

Flatlands, Brooklyn
How Grief Counseling Helps Children Cope, Brooklyn, New York

Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from grief counseling when dealing with the death of a loved one. Children also need help coping with their emotions and finding answers to their questions. The caring staff at Caribe Funeral Home in Brooklyn, NY, specializes in making this process easier for everyone. In addition to funeral planning, they provide counseling sessions and make themselves available at all hours of the day. Here, they discuss how their services help children at this difficult time.

Encourages Them to Discuss the Funeral

It’s helpful to talk with your children about what will happen at the funeral ahead of time. Will there be a casket? Will they be able to say goodbye to the deceased? Who will come and what will happen? A grief counseling session may take place at the funeral home itself to help the whole family become familiar with the surroundings before the event; this step can be especially helpful for your children.

Provides Answers

grief counseling Brooklyn NYUnlike adults, young children may not understand the concept of death. Older children and teens usually have a grasp of death as an abstraction, but may be experiencing loss for the first time. It’s best to avoid using euphemisms and use concrete words like “death” and “dying” instead. This helps the child understand the permanence of the situation and the fact that their loved one is not returning. If your family is religious, your child may want to discuss their beliefs about the afterlife at this point, too.

Offers a Support System

Grief counseling is helpful because, in many cases, parents are busy processing their own grief and need help supporting the youngest members of the family. Children may need to revisit the topic of death repeatedly to understand what is going on. This can be difficult for grieving adults who are looking for closure. Fortunately, a professional counselor can offer the emotional support children and teens need to make sense of their feelings.

It’s difficult to predict how children will react at a funeral, but seeking assistance from a professional can make this challenging situation more manageable. Whether you’re looking for funeral planning or grief counseling services, the compassionate directors at Caribe Funeral Home are here to help. Call them anytime at (718) 444-1818 or visit their website for more information about their burial and cremation services.

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