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3 Myths About Home Insurance July 20, 2017

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
3 Myths About Home Insurance, Juneau, Alaska

Despite being one of the most common types of insurances available on the market, there are many misconceptions surrounding home insurance. Before you make any assumptions about your coverage, it’s important to separate the myths from the truths. Serving residents throughout Juneau, AK, the experienced agents at Davies-Barry Insurance provide a wide range of coverage options, including life, business, auto, health, and medical insurance.

Below, the premier insurance agency busts a few of the myths surrounding home insurance.

3 Home Insurance Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

1. You Can Exaggerate Your Losses

While many homeowners think it’s okay to exaggerate the value of their lost possessions, this is a big mistake. If your insurance company is given a reason to suspect you’re being dishonest about your losses, it will take longer to receive compensation for the damage, and everything you claim will be held under a microscope.

2. Home Insurance Covers All Your Belongings

home insuranceContrary to popular belief, there are limitations to how much coverage your home insurance will provide. If the value of all your possessions exceeds those limitations, you’ll want to purchase additional coverage.

3. Medical Expenses Are Covered in Case of an Injury

Under home insurance, your medical expenses will not be covered in case of an injury during a disaster at your house. You’ll need to purchase coverage from a health insurance company to cover your medical expenses. The only aspect of your home insurance that covers injuries is the liability portion, which is only for guests in your home. 

Whether you wish to purchase home insurance or any other policies, you can count on the team at Davies-Barry Insurance for an accurate quote. Call (907) 789-5900 to speak with an agent today, or visit their website for more information about their services.