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Top 3 Satellite Receivers Offered by Dish® Network June 26, 2017

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Top 3 Satellite Receivers Offered by Dish® Network , Auburn, Ohio

When you sign up for satellite dish service, the receiver will be one of the most important pieces of equipment involved in the setup. This device is what allows you to connect to hundreds of channels and programs. Understanding not every household has the same needs, Dish® Network continues to prove why they’re one of the most popular satellite providers in the country by giving customers a variety of satellite receiver options to choose from. As an authorized Dish Network retailer, Advantage Satellite is a trusted source for northeast Ohio residents interested in having a dish installed. Below, they go over a few of the top receiver models and what they have to offer.

3 Dish Network Satellite Receiver Options

1. Hopper

The Hopper is an award-winning whole-home HD DVR receiver that will give you the opportunity to record up to 16 of your favorite TV shows and watch them anywhere in the house or world. It also makes it possible to remotely access numerous On Demand programs,  LIVE TV and shows from your DVR on your smart device, which means you can enjoy an assortment of entertainment no matter where you are.

2. Joey

satellite receiverThe Joey is a compact, less expensive version of the Hopper that makes it possible to have satellite receivers in other rooms besides the living room where you may wish to watch television. Its smaller design allows it to be stored almost anywhere, as it syncs with the Hopper to provide TV programming all over the house. The Super Joey supports the recording of up to eight channels at once, while the Wireless Joey has all the same functionalities without needing any cables or wires.

3. HD Duo Receiver

The HD Duo Receiver is one of the more basic receiver choices. It has two built-in tuners to work with two separate TVs and parental controls for easy monitoring. In addition, it displays on-screen caller ID so you can always see who’s calling without having to interrupt your show to get up and check the phone.

From whole-home DVRs to simple TV-top boxes, Dish Network has a range of satellite receivers available to meet the needs of all households and campers/tailgators. Contact Advantage Satellite at (330) 801-7200 to schedule an installation, or visit them online to learn more about the different product features. 

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