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4 Common Pet Grooming Mistakes You Should Avoid August 8, 2017

Mulberry, Miami
4 Common Pet Grooming Mistakes You Should Avoid, Miami, Ohio

Proper pet grooming is smart for more than just cosmetic reasons. In fact, the practice can help you gauge your furry friend’s current state of well-being. Unfortunately, a lot of pet owners are unaware of proper grooming procedures and end up neglecting immediate signs of health issues along the way.

Here are some of the most common pet grooming mistakes you might not be aware you’re making:

  • Surface Brushing: Surface brushing won’t prevent deep-seated knotting, which can result in severe matting. When brushing your pet’s coat, make sure your brush touches their skin with every stroke. That way, you can avoid tangling their hair to the point where certain portions must be cut off.
  • pet groomingUsing Human Shampoo & Soap: High-quality pet shampoos are specially formulated to match your companion’s pH level while providing deep cleansing and nourishment. Consult your pet groomer regarding the best soap and shampoo to use on your pets when you want to give them a bath at home.
  • Shaving Too Close to the Skin: Shaving too close to the skin may result in razor burn, which pets don’t recover well from. If you’re inexperienced with a dog clipper, go to a professional for proper pet grooming to avoid injuries that may lead to skin infections.
  • Removing Matting on Your Own: Mild matting can be eliminated by carefully brushing against the coat’s grain of growth. If this doesn’t get rid of the knots, leave the job in the hands of a trained grooming professional, and don’t attempt to snip them off on your own.


Part of caring for your beloved pet is ensuring they receive proper and regular grooming treatments. If you’re looking for a compassionate pet groomer, trust the experts from Shar-Jo's Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting in Milford, OH. Ask about their pet care services by calling (513) 831-9457. You may also visit their website to learn more about their exceptional pet-sitting services.

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