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5 Popular Men’s Haircuts for Summer July 12, 2017

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5 Popular Men’s Haircuts for Summer, San Marcos, Texas

Men’s haircuts for summer 2017 are all about making a statement that reflects your personal style while keeping you cool. It’s the 90s all over again—voluminous textures and fade line designs are making a comeback. Here, the stylists from Premier Cuts Hair Salon in San Marcos, TX, offer highlight some of the most popular looks for warm weather months.

Top 6 Men’s Haircuts for Summer 2017

1. Side PartMen's Haircuts

This sleek cut offers smooth top volume paired with a surgical part that makes a statement without saying a word. You can maintain the look at home by using a dab of hair gel to keep hair in place.

2. Buzz Cut

A variation of the crew cut with buzzed sides and a short top, this “high and tight” style was made popular by the military and looks sleek and clean.

3. Short Faux Hawk Taper

Just like it sounds, the short faux hawk taper is feathered on top and faded or tapered on the sides. Inspired by the classic 80s mohawk, the short faux has been popular for several years and likely isn’t going anywhere.

5. Textured Cut

Men’s haircuts are more stylized this season. The textured crop involves a lot of layering to get the intended effect and looks great on guys who have thick hair. Trust a skilled hairstylist to achieve this cut.

5. Skin Fade & Design

A bold skin fade is used as a canvas for line designs. You’re only limited by your imagination and the skill of your stylist. The skin fade is one of the more playful hairstyles of summer.

Inspired by these popular men’s haircuts and want to try a new look of your own? Stop by Premier Cuts Hair Salon in San Marcos for a deep conditioning and a fresh, affordable haircut. You don’t even need an appointment—it’s a walk-in salon only. Speak with a member of their profession team by calling (512) 878-2400, and visit their website for more information on all their products and services.

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