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Sleep Better Tonight With Reflexology July 13, 2017

Sea Girt, Sea Girt
Sleep Better Tonight With Reflexology , Sea Girt, New Jersey

Lying in bed night after night hoping you will fall asleep soon is enough to drive you crazy. Sleep deprivation impairs the immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to illness in addition to feeling exhausted and cranky. Rather than enduring another sleepless night, consider reflexology for your insomnia. As with other forms of massage, this is a wonderful relaxation technique that helps with a variety of ailments and conditions, including sleep disorders.

How Reflexology Will Help You Sleep Better

Relax & Respond

Foot reflexology persuades the body to fully relax and respond to touch via the release of certain chemicals and signals. These tell the muscles and organs to stop working so hard while also increasing blood flow to the brain. The number of stress hormones circulating in the body, which are often working at warp speed when a person cannot sleep, are subsequently reduced. Blood pressure usually lowers as well.

Organ-Based Reflexology Therapy

reflexologyOrgan problems can keep you up at night, such as tension and stress in the solar plexus or anxiety resulting in stomach problems. Foot reflexology stimulates the organ associated with sleep problems to provide much-needed tension and stress relief. Tension in the solar plexus, for example, is associated with tight chest feelings and shallow breathing. Reflexology can help eliminate this tension and teach you to breathe deeply through your stomach for better sleep and a healthier mindset.

Gland-Based Reflexology Therapy

Your reflexologist may use a foot massage to stimulate certain glands associated with stress, tension, and insomnia. The adrenal glands are of particular focus because they produce numerous stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. Stimulating other glands may also help relieve insomnia-related stress.


Enjoy the restful sleep you deserve by working with the talented reflexologist at Reflexology by the Sea. Specializing in foot reflexology, she proudly serves the residents of Sea Girt, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Call (732) 266-7734 to schedule an appointment, or visit the website for more information about their services.