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Memorial Service Etiquette: How to Speak With the Bereaved June 30, 2017

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Memorial Service Etiquette: How to Speak With the Bereaved, East Haven, Connecticut

When attending a memorial service, speaking with a grieving friend or family member can be difficult. It’s important to show your support and sympathy while refraining from saying anything unintentionally hurtful. With more than 65 years spent helping residents of East Haven, CT, plan meaningful traditional funeral services, Clancy-Palumbo Funeral Home can help you interact with those in mourning in a kind and compassionate manner.

A Guide to Memorial Service Etiquette

What to Say

When speaking with the bereaved, your goal should be to offer as much support as possible. If you want to assist with the funeral planning or help your friend or loved one take care of their daily needs, pinpoint a task you can do instead of vaguely offering your service. You can also offer emotional support by asking if the person would simply like to talk.

memorial service East Haven CTWhen attending the memorial service, expressing your sorrow for the family’s loss is sufficient in many cases. You can also offer a pleasant memory of the deceased to show what a special person they were. Additionally, try to let the bereaved know you’re available to provide support when they need it.

What Not to Say

There are some things you should refrain from saying when speaking with a person who is grieving. Saying that the death was part of a larger plan is insensitive, especially if the deceased and their family are not religious. You should also avoid saying that you know how another person feels, because you don’t. Even if you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, every person processes this complex process differently. Remember that this ceremony is not about you, but about the deceased and their survivors.

If you have recently lost a beloved relative, Clancy-Palumbo Funeral Home can help with all aspects of planning a memorial service, from crafting respectful eulogies and obituaries to providing cremation services. Find out more about this esteemed Connecticut funeral home by visiting them online. You can also call (203) 467-2789 today to speak with a funeral director.

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