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Lawn Care Specialists Explain the Importance of Aeration July 12, 2017

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Lawn Care Specialists Explain the Importance of Aeration, Enterprise, Alabama

Aeration is a type of lawn maintenance method that breaks up the soil to create pathways. Without the procedure, the ground becomes packed together and prevents your lawn from soaking up the necessary elements it needs to thrive. According to lawn care experts, the technique is vital in achieving a healthy, beautiful yard.

When you aerate your lawn, it creates little air pockets that benefit your grass in many ways. These pockets serve as pathways, allowing the roots of your grass to access the nutrients and moisture they need. This process also helps to keep moisture in the soil, so your lawn is less susceptible to death as a result of a drought.

Enterprises's Lawn Care Specialists Explain the Importance of Aeration from Lucky Lawn Services in AlabamaWhile every yard needs aeration at some point, you should make it a focus during your yearly lawn maintenance if you use your lawn on a consistent basis. The soil gets compacted much more quickly when it's walked on often, either by humans or pets. Over time, your lawn will weaken and become drier, resulting in brown and barren patches. Regular aeration will prevent these issues from occurring.

Aeration can be completed through a spike or plug method. Plug aerators use a special type of machinery that actually removes small sections of soil. Spike aerators are simply inserted into the ground to break up the soil and create small pockets. There are multiple variations of equipment that can be used to achieve sufficient air infusion.

Lawn care professionals recommend carrying out the procedure at least once a year, but it's important to time the maintenance properly. The spring and fall are opportune for aeration because of the mild temperatures and high moisture rates. 


Along with fertilization and insect control, aeration should be on your yearly lawn maintenance checklist. Make sure it's done correctly by contacting the professionals at Lucky Lawn Service in Enterprise, AL. These specialists are known for their vast lawn care knowledge, as well as their exceptional service. Schedule your free comprehensive lawn analysis today by visiting them online or calling (334) 347-8873.

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