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The Pros & Cons of Eye Drops According to Local Cincinnati Eye Doctors July 10, 2017

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The Pros & Cons of Eye Drops According to Local Cincinnati Eye Doctors, Cold Spring, Kentucky

Whether you’re struggling to make it through allergy season or your naturally dry and itchy eyes are driving you crazy, eye drops seem like a simple and affordable solution. Many eye doctors prescribe drops to help alleviate pain and discomfort, but it’s not always their go-to solution. Eye drops are certainly beneficial in some instances, but not all. Before you head to the store to buy a bottle of your own, take an eye doctor’s advice on whether they’re the right choice for your specific situation. Here’s a quick guide to give you a general idea of the pros and cons.

Local Eye Doctors Explain Eye Drops

Pros of Using Eye Drops

eye doctorIn many cases, itchy eyes are caused by a lack of moisture. Eye drops are effectively used to replace lost moisture when your eyes can’t naturally keep up the demand. They assuage dryness and itchiness to give you the relief you desperately need. In the midst of allergy season, eye drops can be the best weapon against airborne irritants. Drops can also be used to help heal minor injuries on the surface of the eye. The liquid clears the eye of contaminants that could hinder recovery. They also lubricate the eye to prevent further injury caused by blinking.

Cons of Using Eye Drops

While eye drops are most commonly used to help a person survive allergy season, they can sometimes make allergies worse. Certain brands contain preservatives that many people are allergic to without realizing it. A secondary allergic reaction on top of the preexisting dryness makes for an extremely unpleasant time. The frequent use of drops may also be making your dry eyes worse. A few drops in one eye will temporarily relieve discomfort, but in some cases, the dryness and itchiness come back worse than ever.

The best way to determine whether eye drops are helping or hurting you is to have an honest discussion with your eye doctor.


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