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Need Cell Phone Repairs? 3 Signs It's Your Battery July 12, 2017

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Need Cell Phone Repairs? 3 Signs It's Your Battery, Clearwater, Florida

If your phone is damaged or out of order, you may be expecting a complicated fix at the cell phone repair store. In many cases, however, it is only your battery that needs to be replaced. Experimac Clearwater restores Florida residents’ devices daily and recommends reviewing the list below to determine if your battery may be the cause of your phone’s issues. 

Cell Phone Repair Guide: 3 Signs You Need a New Battery 

1. Your Battery Is Hot 

Clearwater Cell Phone RepairIf your battery has suddenly become hot to the touch, especially while you are indoors, it may be time for a new one. To determine if this is the reason for your phone issues, check its temperature while it’s charging. If your phone feels warmer each time you plug it in, it likely needs a battery replacement, especially if the battery is two or more years old. 

2. Your Phone Dies Quickly 

If you have your data usage under control, but your phone still dies quickly, you may need a battery replacement. Since a variety of applications and services could cause your phone’s power to drain, try plugging your phone in while using it or purchasing a power bank to supplement your battery. If you still have problems with the battery, especially if it drains with limited use, it is probably bad and warrants a visit to the cell phone repair store. 

3. Your Phone Is Completely Dead 

Many people panic when their device does not turn on, expecting a major repair or full replacement to be necessary. In most cases, this is simply a sign the phone needs a battery. If yours is completely dead even after charging, ensure the area around your battery is clean. If it still does not work, replace your power source at an authorized repair store. 

If you need cell phone repairs, call Experimac Clearwater in Clearwater, FL, at (727) 281-2282. To explore their pre-owned devices and learn more about their upgrade services, visit their website

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