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Flossing vs. WaterPik®: A Family Dentistry Professional Explains Which Is Best July 12, 2017

Texarkana, Miller
Flossing vs. WaterPik®: A Family Dentistry Professional Explains Which Is Best, Texarkana, Arkansas

Are you one of those patients who shyly answers “no” when your family dentistry professional asks if you floss regularly? The Waterpik® offers an innovative means of flossing that simplifies the process and might help motivate you. Here, dentist Randall A. Ellis, DDS, of Texarkana, AR, explains what you need to know about this innovative cleaning tool.

Traditional floss is only effective if you work it beneath the gum line in a “C” shape, applying enough pressure to remove plaque without cutting the tissue. A Waterpik is easier to use. You simply direct the tool’s tip at your gum line and between your teeth, and debris and plaque are sprayed away. Many patients find the Waterpik more manageable and floss more frequently with this tool.

family dentistryDespite initial questions about the Waterpik’s efficacy, studies have shown it is highly effective. This tool has been shown to be 29% more useful than string floss for overall plaque removal.The combined use of water pressure and pulsations gets the job done without damaging delicate gum tissue.

Ultimately, whether you choose the Waterpik or traditional floss, the important thing is you incorporate this practice into your daily dental hygiene routine. According to the American Dental Association, only four out of 10 Americans floss once per day—and 20% don’t do it at all. Don’t contribute to these statistics! Without flossing, you increase your risk of gum problems and periodontal disease.

If you want to know more about the Waterpik or are interested in learning how to use one, talk to your dentist. Randall A. Ellis, DDS, and his team will be happy to help you. This family dentistry professional offers an array of general and cosmetic dentistry services to patients of all ages. Visit their website to learn more about their services. To request an appointment, call the family dentistry clinic in Texarkana, AR, at (870) 772-1374. 

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