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The Importance of Consistent Hearing Aid Use June 26, 2017

Jamestown, Chautauqua
The Importance of Consistent Hearing Aid Use, Jamestown, New York

Many people with hearing aids mistakenly assume they need to wear them only when they go out, or when they’re in situations in which hearing every sound clearly is essential. However, the team at Valu Hearing Service, offering hearing tests and hearing loss solutions to customers in the Jamestown, NY, area, discourage this. For the best results, you should wear your hearing aid consistently.

Brain Training

Hearing-Aid-Jamestown-NYEven though ears deliver sound waves, it’s the brain that interprets them. If you’re suffering from hearing loss, your brain is not accustomed to hearing clear, loud noises. Thus, it’s necessary to expose the brain to these sounds as frequently as possible. At first, you may not be comfortable with the volume and intensity of clear hearing. To fine-tune this sense, the brain needs practice.


Have you ever developed a tolerance to a strong or spicy food that was overwhelming at first? Think of your brain like your taste buds. When you first reintroduce it to louder noises via hearing aids, it will be too stimulated to make clear sense of what you’re hearing.

You need to let your brain adapt to that level of stimulation. By doing so consistently, you can pick up on and identify subtle noises that are easy to miss when you first begin wearing hearing aids. Wearing them often is the best way to do this, even in situations that you don’t think warrant it. Otherwise, the brain will never develop the necessary tolerance.

If you need new quality hearing aids, get in touch with the professionals at Valu Hearing Service in Jamestown, NY. They’ll equip you with the right aid for your needs. Contact them online for more information, or call (716) 484-7777.

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