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3 Essential Trends in Digital Marketing June 16, 2017

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3 Essential Trends in Digital Marketing, Richmond Hill, Georgia

To plan and implement effective digital marketing strategies, it’s important to stay on top of emerging trends. At BL Digital Enterprises in Richmond Hill, GA, they’re constantly monitoring the latest industry developments to deliver the best results possible to their clients. Below, they share some essential trends you should be aware of. 

3 Recent Digital Marketing Trends

1. Native Ads

Digital MarketingPotential customers don’t respond positively to pop-up ads or similar online interruptions. Experts have found that native ads, which are built into the content directly, are much more effective. An example of a native ad would be a sponsored article on a popular website that matches the type of content users expect from the site.

2. Strong Content

Online marketing is all about providing users with truly valuable content. While a TV commercial can simply entertain viewers while offering basic information about a product, online ads should double as memorable and unique pieces of content on their own. This can be done through the use of articles, pictures, videos, or any other type of content customers are likely to seek out online. To successfully attract customers, hiring a talented content developer is essential.

3. Video

As mobile technology has improved, it’s become easier for users to consume video content online. Videos are now commonly found not only on YouTube®, but also on Facebook®, Instagram®, Twitter®, and numerous other popular websites. Digital marketing specialists know that users tend to have a stronger emotional response to video content. As such, it should play a key role in your marketing strategy.

The online behavior of your customers is always changing, and your marketing plan needs to keep up with these shifts. At BL Digital Enterprises in Richmond Hill, GA, you’ll find a team of experts who will help you achieve that goal. Contact them online to learn more about their services, or call (912) 312-9381 to schedule an appointment today.