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Sip Into Summer With 3 of CBTL’s Coolest Tea & Coffee Drinks June 15, 2017

New York, New York
Sip Into Summer With 3 of CBTL’s Coolest Tea & Coffee Drinks, New York, New York

Summer is officially here! With temperatures on the rise, you might not want to start your day with your usual cup of piping hot coffee or tea. On these days, turn to your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf where you’ll find dozens of delicious, icy beverages perfect for a summertime caffeine fix. Here are just three you should check out!

Top 3 Iced Tea & Coffee Drinks at CBTL

coffee drink1. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

While you can’t go wrong with a classic iced coffee, why not try something new? CBTL’s nitro cold brew coffee, for example, is a rich, full-bodied alternative to its cool counterpart. It’s steeped for 20 hours and infused with nitrogen for a nice silky finish, making it an apt companion for your wildest summer adventures.

2. Iced Tea Latte

CBTL’s iced tea lattes are almost too good to be true. They consist of freshly pulled shots of concentrated tea leaves blended with steamed milk and their French Deluxe Vanilla Powder, all over ice. The drink comes in 13 flavors, from chai and Earl Grey to Apricot Ceylon and Moroccan Mint. If your sweet tooth is clamoring for more, don’t forget to check out CBTL’s sweet and flavored teas too!

3. Ice Blended® Drinks

What better summertime treat than the coffee drink that started it all! Ice Blended contains CBTL’s coffee extract as well as their signature powders and mind, all blended with ice and topped with whipped cream. Available in two varieties and over a dozen flavors, this beverage is sure to put a smile on your sun-kissed face.

Try All 3 at Your Local CBTL!

Visit your nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today to sample these perfect summer drinks for yourself. To browse other iced beverages as well as their seasonal menu, visit their website.