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Hydro-Fracking Explained June 20, 2017

Walton, Washington
Hydro-Fracking Explained, Walton, Missouri

The energy industry can be controversial, but learning more about the technologies at work can bring clarity to the conversation. One timely technology is hydro-fracking or the hydraulic fracturing of bedrock. To help you gain a better understanding of this process, the excavation contractors at Marshall Eye Jr Water Well Drilling & Repair Service in Potosi, MO, describe it below. Hydro-fracking—colloquially known as “fracking”—is a technique that pumps a slurry of water, chemicals, and sand under high pressure into a drilled gas well to extract gas and oil. Excavation contractors will sometimes use this process to form tiny fractures in an area of solid rock, forcing the rock open so that gas can flow more freely into the well.

hydro-frackingHydro-fracking can be beneficial in helping well-drilling contractors to access hard-to-reach oil and gas resources, thus increasing the amount of oil available and lowering oil prices. Thanks to hydro-fracking, the United States and Canada have more gas security and a greater sense of energy independence than in years prior. Furthermore, well-drilling contractors have come a long way in making sure hydro-fracking is as energy-efficient and environmentally safe as possible.

If you would like more information regarding hydro-fracking, call the knowledgeable experts at Marshall Eye Jr Water Well Drilling & Repair Service today at (314) 541-6239. Their professionals also specialize in other environmental areas such as water well drilling, pump services, water well maintenance, and well repair.

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