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3 Paint Color Ideas to Liven Up Your Sunroom Decor June 29, 2017

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3 Paint Color Ideas to Liven Up Your Sunroom Decor, Blairsville, Georgia

Whether you’re redesigning your sunroom or getting it built from scratch, selecting the right paint color is key to create a welcoming space. With help from the team at Backyard Enclosures in Blairsville, GA, you can learn about the ideal paint shades to liven up a glass sunroom enclosure. For over 30 years, these contractors have provided countless homeowners with all types of premium backyard design elements. Below, they suggest a few paint shades that will complement the naturally lit outdoor room.

Best Sunroom Paint Color Options


Neutral shades of gray and brown provide a subtle backdrop for the rest of your sunroom decor to stand out. These paint colors serve as the perfect canvas for the greenery in your backyard to shine through without creating a jarring effect. Additionally, they pair well with almost all types of furnishings and prove to be a safe choice, no matter the size and layout of the room.


SunroomBrilliant white paint and its offshoots like cream and off-white sport a reflective surface that helps maximize natural lighting. These are the ideal paint colors for window-frames and doors, and they help create a spacious feeling in rooms with smaller dimensions. Like their neutral counterparts, shades in the white color group also pair well with almost any decor theme.

Bright Paints

For a room with a truly vibrant, summery touch, feel free to experiment with bright paint colors like orange, yellow, and pink. Adding neutral furnishings in the foreground will help offset the brightness on particularly sunny days and make the wall colors stand out more prominently. These shades are especially successful in lending a warm and cozy feeling to glass sunroom enclosures covering a larger area. Give the outdoor room further dimension by choosing paint colors with a slightly grainy, eggshell finish.

These suggestions from the experts at Backyard Enclosures will help you redefine your sunroom’s decor. To schedule an appointment in Blairsville, call (706) 379-4127. You can also visit their website for further information about their design and construction services.

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