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3 Costly Consequences of Not Scheduling an Oil Change June 26, 2017

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3 Costly Consequences of Not Scheduling an Oil Change, North Madison, Ohio

Most mechanics place a little sticker on the upper left corner of the windshield that indicates when you should schedule your next oil change. Do you know what can happen to your car if you pass that mileage marker or date without getting an oil change? Madison Muffler and Auto Inc., in Lake County, OH, outlines these three costly consequences of not scheduling an oil change, so you understand the importance of this regular aspect of maintenance.

1. An Overheated Engine

oil changeIf you ignore your oil change time frame, an overheated engine is one of the first things that may happen to your car. This occurs when the lack of oil, or excess of dirty oil, stops or reduces lubrication in your engine. The parts quickly heat up due to friction and can leave you stranded on the side of the road with a high tow truck bill and a damaged engine that requires extensive repairs. 

2. Parts Wearing Out 

Without fresh oil, the parts of your engine will quickly wear out. The engine won’t run as efficiently, and you may find yourself replacing various parts in a short period. These smaller individual part costs can add up from a little hit to your wallet to hundreds of dollars. 

3. A Total Engine Failure

Oil plays an important role in keeping your engine running smoothly. If you ignore that oil indicator light on your dashboard display and the advice of your mechanic, your engine could fail and require replacement. Why fork over several thousand dollars for a new engine when you can prevent this by getting a regular oil change for under $100 every few months? 

Don’t let life and procrastination get in the way of scheduling an oil change. You can easily drop off your vehicle and spend a few hours working at a cafe before returning to pick up your car. Or, make a weekend appointment when you know you won’t need to drive. Call Madison Muffler and Auto Inc., at (440) 428-2677 or visit their website to learn about their expert auto care services including fast, efficient oil changes.