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Does Your Child Have a Developmental Disorder? Here's How You Can Help July 10, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
Does Your Child Have a Developmental Disorder? Here's How You Can Help, Lincoln, Nebraska

Developmental disorders in children come in many different forms, and no single treatment applies to every situation. As parents, providing them the best care can, at times, be a challenge. That’s why Lincoln, NE, residents turn to the assistance of Nebraska Mental Health Centers.

With compassion, understanding, and patience at the forefront, their staff shares a few key ways you can help care for a child with a developmental disorder:

  • developmental disorderCreate a Safe, Nurturing Environment: It's important that your child knows they have a safe space at home, both in terms of emotional support and protection from physical harm. In addition to loving and nurturing them, specialists recommend installing locks and gates where necessary. 
  • Establish Routines: Structure is essential for certain developmental disorders, and a daily routine will also help you monitor any changes, both positive and negative. If you plan on altering your child's routine in any way, prepare them well in advance. They may not respond well to sudden changes, so ease them into it as best as you can. 
  • Promote Communication: Communication can be a sticking point for children with developmental disorders. In the case of verbal autistic children, for instance, you will want to choose your words carefully and consider how they may be interpreted. Close, face-to-face contact is a good way to further promote communication. Education is vital for the whole family, as well. Parents may want to look into scheduling regular family counseling sessions. 

Remember, you don't have to tackle any of these problems alone. Nebraska Mental Health Centers offers family assessments of children and adolescents with developmental disorders, and they will help identify a system of care to put you and your kid on the right path together. Visit their website for an overview of their services, and call them at (402) 483-6990 to request an appointment today.

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