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How Installing a Ductless System in Your Home Can Save You Money June 21, 2017

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How Installing a Ductless System in Your Home Can Save You Money, 4, Maryland

A standard HVAC system works by forcing cooled air through a series of ducts before it enters the living space. A ductless system, on the other hand, transports refrigerant directly between the compressor outside and the air handling unit inside, where a fan then blows the cooled air directly into each room. There are several advantages of using such a system to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature all season long.

ductless systemOne of the greatest benefits of installing a ductless system is its efficiency and the utility savings that will result. In a traditional air conditioning system, up to 30% of the cooled air can escape through air leaks in the ductwork before it even reaches your living space. Losing such a large portion of the cooled air means your system has to work extra hard to keep the house cool during Maryland’s scorching summers, and even a minor leak can cost you significantly over time.

In a ductless system, though, the cooled air has nowhere go except your living space. According to Mitsubishi Electric®, you can slash your energy costs by up to 40% when you install an efficient ductless system in your home.

Ductless systems can also save you money by allowing you to heat or cool each room as needed. If there are certain rooms in your home you do not use frequently, you can simply turn off the unit in that particular space. This is not an option with traditional HVAC systems, which must heat or cool the entire home when they are turned on.


If you want to upgrade the HVAC unit in your home to a ductless system, turn to the reliable technicians at Glenmont AC & Heating in Rockville, MD. They serve clients throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. To learn more about the services this Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor provides, visit their website. Call (301) 468-2665 to schedule service or installation today. 

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