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iPhone® Repair: What to Do When Your Screen Cracks June 19, 2017

Falconhurst, Asheville
iPhone® Repair: What to Do When Your Screen Cracks, Asheville, North Carolina

A cracked iPhone® screen is incredibly frustrating. When you’re struggling to message contacts and view important emails, it feels like the world’s coming to a halt. Thankfully, iPhone repair works wonders, restoring your device to working order in no time. The professionals at Asheville, NC’s Experimac Asheville explain the proper steps to take in case your screen cracks. 

What to Do When Your Phone Screen Cracks

1. Deal With the Damage

iPhone screen repairSometimes, the most practical option is getting by with a cracked screen. If the phone’s still functioning, there’s no need to spend money on a new one, especially if an upgrade’s on the way. While you’ll have to hassle a bit, you’ll save money in the long run.

Keep in mind that this isn’t always an option. If your phone is in danger of falling apart, attempting to spare it could cause more damage than it’s worth. If you’re scared your phone might explode at any second, your local computer store will safely dispose of it while you seek out a new model.  

2. Find a Temporary Phone

You don’t need to rush in for a new model right away. Instead, look for friends and family who have an old phone you can borrow temporarily. This gives you time to evaluate whether an iPhone repair or replacement is the best option. The same applies to a Mac repair; you don’t necessarily require the latest model immediately, but a temporary stand-in will do the trick. 

3. Let Professionals Handle the Hard Work

Whether you’ve cracked your phone screen or wrecked a favorite tablet, your local computer store will help pick up the pieces. These professionals will repair your screen both affordably and efficiently, putting you back in contact in no time. Rather than risking ruin, leave the hard work to the professionals. 

When you’ve cracked your screen and need iPhone repair, the experts at Experimac can help. They know how much your devices mean to you, making it their goal to restore both your broken phone and your life. The one-stop shop also offers Mac repair, refurbished Apple® products, and other devices. Visit the website and Facebook page for additional information, or call (828) 505-6260 to speak with a staff member today. 

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