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3 Major Health Benefits of Bowling June 22, 2017

Shelby, La Crosse County
3 Major Health Benefits of Bowling, Shelby, Wisconsin

Bowling is one of America’s favorite passtimes and is an exciting activity to enjoy with family and friends. As recognized for its social aspects as it is for its athletic ones, hitting the lanes offers much more than the thrill of competition. As La Crosse, WI’s, premier bowling alley and banquet hall, All Star Lanes & Banquets shares the sport’s major health benefits. 

Top Health Benefits of Bowling

1. Tone Muscles

Bowling is the equivalent of working out with weights, but without the gym. If you’re seeking an exciting workout, remember that every stretch, twist, and swing of the ball tones a muscle in your body. With repeated play, you’ll spot a noticeably toned chest, arms, and legs. Practice also improves strength and flexibility as you gain skill and learn new techniques. 

2. Lose Weight

Like many active sports, bowling can speed up your metabolism. Each time you hit the bowling alley, you’re actively engaging in the game, burning calories through every movement. This not only boosts muscles, but provides excellent cardio exercise as well.

Walking back and forth works out your legs, and each time you stand and swing, you’re burning more calories. The more muscles you gain, the more calories you burn—just take a glance at the impressive figures of frequent bowlers. The more you practice, the more you’ll notice results. 

3. Improve Social Health

bowlingBowling is a social activity, which is why many bowling alleys include a banquet hall, bar, restaurant, or other hangout areas. It’s an easy way to meet new people, as most bowlers are there for the thrill of the game and won’t mind striking up conversation in between turns.

By joining a bowling league you can attend scheduled sessions to practice and hang out with fellow players, whether that includes making time for old friends or nurturing new relationships.

If you’re ready to enjoy the health benefits of bowling, All Star Lanes & Banquets is your go-to destination. With offerings ranging from midnight bowling to leagues and parties, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Learn more about this premier bowling alley online or call (608)788-7827 to reserve a lane today!

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