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3 Key Differences Between Having a Septic Tank & Using the Sewer System June 21, 2017

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3 Key Differences Between Having a Septic Tank & Using the Sewer System, Jackson Center, Pennsylvania

If you are building or buying a home that relies on a septic tank, it’s important to understand how this differs from using the local sewer system. While both are effective at draining wastewater, you might need a tank because you don’t have access to a sewer line. The professionals at Patterson Septic Service specialize in septic installations, maintenance, and repair. Their vast knowledge about these systems helps the residents of Jackson Center, PA, make informed decisions about their waste disposal.

Below, the team explains a few key differences between having a septic tank and being connected to a sewer line:

  • Operation: One of the first things to know about septic and sewer systems is how they operate. Septic tanks are installed on a property underneath the soil. Wastewater from the house travels through a series of pipes to filter out solid materials and release the treated liquid into a drain field. A sewer system consists of an underground pipe structure that hauls waste away from homes to a water treatment facility where it’s cleaned before returning to the environment.
  • septic tank Jackson Center PAMaintenance: Property owners are responsible for maintaining their septic systems. However, with proper care, septic tanks can last for decades and will only require pumping every few years. Since sewer systems are run by public agencies, homeowners don’t have to worry about routine maintenance. The primary drawback is that several buildings are connected to each line, which can lead to clogs and backups. If a blockage affects your home, you will have to pay for plumbing repairs.
  • Cost: Homeowners often assume installing a septic system is more expensive than connecting to a sewer line. While there are some upfront costs associated with buying a septic tank, sewer use involves some ongoing costs like periodic usage fees, which can increase at any time, and fees to support system development. 

Although sewer systems are convenient and easy to use, installing a septic tank allows you to control your usage habits and related costs. To learn more about installing a system on your property, contact Patterson Septic Service at (724) 662-3996. Visit their website for more information about their full range of installation and maintenance services.