Dupont Circle, District Of Columbia
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Parking in Washington DC has never been easier. The One Parking garage at 1850 K Street is conveniently located near famous landmarks such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Memorial.

One Parking Offers 3 Tips for Proper Parking Garage Etiquette July 11, 2017

Dupont Circle, Washington
One Parking Offers 3 Tips for Proper Parking Garage Etiquette, Washington, District Of Columbia

Knowing where to find a well-run parking garage can be a lifesaver when you’re driving around town. However, these facilities have many cars coming and going, so you need to know a few rules of etiquette to keep the system running smoothly for everyone. One Parking has earned a reputation for providing welcoming spaces for city drivers, with locations in New York, NY; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, IL; West Palm Beach, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; Denver, CO; Jersey City, NJ; and Arlington, VA. They share guidelines to follow the next time you pull into one of their affordable and well-maintained parking garages. 

3 Tips for Parking Garage Courtesy

Use Your Turn Signal

When you’re off the street, it can be easy to let basic driving rules slide. However, you should still use your turn signals in a parking garage when you’ve identified a spot to park your vehicle. That way, the driver behind you will know your intention to park. Since visibility often is reduced in a parking garage, understanding driver behavior is important for safety reasons. 

Pull as Far as Possible Into the Parking Spot

Parking garage New York NYSpace can be tight in parking garages, so it’s essential to be efficient with your parking. Pull all the way into your parking spot to allow cars to pass through the aisle easily, without having to go around the end of your vehicle. If your car’s bumper extends into traffic, it will impede other motorists, and might even cause a collision. 

Have Your Payment Ready

Parking garages run efficiently when there is little waiting time as drivers pay their fees. Have your credit card or cash in hand when you reach the attendant and/or pay station, to speed the payment process. A quick transaction is especially crucial if there is a long line of cars waiting to get out. 

The next time you’re looking for an affordable place to park your car, head to One Parking. With parking garages in some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, they have more than 80,000 spots waiting for use. Visit their website to find a nearby garage and follow them on Twitter for city parking tips and updates from the company.  

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