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Wiring Color Codes 101: An Electrical Contractor Explains June 28, 2017

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Wiring Color Codes 101: An Electrical Contractor Explains , Demorest, Georgia

Do you know the difference between red, green, and yellow electrical cords? What about black and blue? While many people don’t know one cord from another, understanding the distinctions between each color helps promote safety. Fortunately, Midway Electric, the most trusted electrical contractor in Demorest, GA, has the informative advice you need. Read on as they offer a breakdown on the differences between wires. 

An Electrical Contractor’s Guide to Electrical Color Codes in the U.S.

1. Red

Red indicates the secondary live wire of a 220-volt circuit. These cords are often used in switch legs and to connect smoke detectors to power systems. You can connect a red wire to another one of the same color or a black wire.

2. Green

Green wires serve to ground electrical circuits. Within an electrical panel, they often run from outlet boxes to ground bus bars. If another wire in the circuit connects to a conductive material like metal, green wires safely redirect the current to the earth. To avoid a significant shock or even a fire, only allow an electrical contractor to work with green wires. electrical-contractor

3. White & Gray

While white is the more common color used, both white and gray wires are neutral. These wires connect to the neutral bus bar to redistribute the current outward. You should only connect white and gray wires to others of the same color. Even though they’re neutral, they’re still capable of transporting a current.

4. Yellow & Blue

Yellow and blue wires carry power from live wires through conduits. Yellow wires tend to operate as switch legs for fans, switched outlets, and structural light systems. Blue wires tend to be used to transport power for three- or four-way switches. They are not used to wire plug-in electrical devices.  

5. Black

Black wires power all relevant circuits. Typically, they operate as the power source for an outlet or switch; they may also function as a switch leg circuit. They are never neutral. Leave the handling of black wires to professional electrical contractors, as they are always considered to be live.

It’s important to note that color coding varies from country to country, and these guidelines strictly apply to up-to-date U.S. electrical wiring. Always treat every wire with extreme care, and if you have any doubts, contact a trusted electrical contractor. If you require professional assistance in Demorest, GA, the team at Midway Electric would be happy to assist you. If you have any questions, give them a call today at (706) 754-6218. For more information on their electrical services, visit them online

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