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Somerville's Auto Body Specialists Provide 3 Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle's Paint July 7, 2017

Somerville, Middlesex
Somerville's Auto Body Specialists Provide 3 Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle's Paint, Somerville, Massachusetts

The condition of your vehicle's paint can positively or negatively impact its resale value. By making an effort to keep your auto paint in great condition, you can save yourself money in the long run. The auto body specialists at Carneiro Auto Body & Sales understand how easily paint can get damaged, but the Somerville, MA, team also knows how to prevent scratches and fading in the first place. Keep your vehicle's paint gleaming with these three expert tips.

3 Tips for Protecting Auto Body Paint 

1. Wax Treatments

Whether you choose to complete the treatment yourself or enlist a professional service, wax treatments are an excellent way to protect your car’s paint. The solution serves as an extra coat of protection from everyday wear like dirt and pollution. It may also help prevent road debris like small rocks from leaving nicks and scratches. For the best results, complete a wax every two to three months, and—if applying it yourself—follow the instructions closely. Also, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your vehicle in advance.

2. Regular Washes

auto bodyWashing your vehicle is another way to keep its paint in great condition and help you avoid a trip to the auto body shop. Hand-washing your vehicle, either at home or a car wash, will ensure all paint-eating materials like bird droppings are completely removed. During the winter months, pressure washers are excellent for removing road salt residue. Make sure to wash your vehicle at least once a month from spring to fall and once a week during the colder months.

3. Sheltered Parking

You can also protect your paint by choosing your parking spaces wisely. Constant exposure to sunlight will fade your vehicle’s hue over time, and parking outdoors may result in scratches and nicks from falling limbs and neighboring vehicles. The best place to park your vehicle at home is in your garage. However, an enclosed space isn't always an option, so avoid roadside parking and spots under trees as much as possible. For workdays and weekend trips, try to locate a parking garage.

If your vehicle’s exterior needs some attention, contact Carneiro Auto Body & Sales today. These Somerville auto body specialists offer paintless dent removal as well as color-matching car paint. Learn more about your options by calling (617) 625-6900 or by visiting the team online.

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