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5 Common Deposition Questions in Personal Injury Cases July 6, 2017

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5 Common Deposition Questions in Personal Injury Cases, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

The idea of facing a defendant’s lawyers at your personal injury deposition can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect. They aim to be highly critical, dig into your past, and prove you wrong. Luckily, the legal team at Thompson Law Office in Lexington, KY, can familiarize you with potential deposition questions. In many cases, your personal injury attorney will hold mock depositions to prepare you for the real deal. To practice, review the following five talking points.

5 Questions to Expect at a Personal Injury Deposition

1. Your Medical History

The first thing the defense wants to do is apply your injuries to a pre-existing condition. This will remove all fault and secure their client a victory. Ask your accident attorney what information you should share, as you may not be required to answer in full.

2. How the Accident Happened

personal-injury-thompson-law-officeExpect to retell your story of the injury multiple times throughout the case. The defense will constantly look for inconsistencies to use against you. Work with your personal injury attorney and confirm a narrative you can stick to. This will ensure small mistakes don’t affect your case.

3. Questions Related to Measurements

These queries will vary based on your case, but the defense may ask for the time at which the event occurred, the weight of items that fell, or the speed you were traveling. The trauma of the event can make these facts difficult to remember, and it’s best to avoid giving out specifics they can leverage later on.

4. How Your Injury Limits You

A defense attorney will use this question to gauge your honesty about your injury. They’ll want to know how disabled you are, how much pain you’re dealing with, and how much the injury affects your ability to work. It’s important to make sure your answer aligns with your personal injury claim.

5. What Treatment Did You Seek?

By questioning your medical treatment, the defense may try to discredit the accuracy of the injury evaluation. This is a crucial piece of evidence in any case, as it can have a significant impact should they mark it suspect. For the best results, bring all medical documentation and let the paperwork do most of the talking.

The best way to handle a deposition is to be prepared, and the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law Office can help. They offer comprehensive legal services and have over 20 years of experience handling personal injury cases. Call (859) 280-2222 today to schedule a consultation and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their practice.

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