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3 Ways Early Childhood Development Prepares Your Child for the Future July 5, 2017

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3 Ways Early Childhood Development Prepares Your Child for the Future, Creve Coeur, Missouri

Parents often struggle with choosing child care when they have a toddler. Instead of having your little one attend a regular day care, why not seek enhanced learning opportunities? Early childhood development programs provide kids ages 2–5 with growth opportunities that will help them prepare for kindergarten. Lucky Lane Nursery School in St. Louis, MO, says the curriculum offers exceptional educational and social benefits that will prepare your child for the future.

Advantages of Early Childhood Development

1. Socialization With Same-Age Kids

When children are young, they learn how to behave by observing people around them. An early childhood development environment surrounds kids with peers, which is a crucial part of growing up. As they learn academically, they also pick up social cues and skills from their classmates. Kids learn to make friends, deal with others they do and don’t like, and practice the concept of sharing. These experiences are invaluable as children grow up.

2. All-Around Development

Early childhood development St. Louis MOKids gain emotional intelligence as they navigate relationships with fellow students and teachers. They also enhance motor skills with activities like playing games, building with blocks, and drawing. Early childhood development curricula are designed to help students grow not only mentally but emotionally and physically, so your child will gain benefits beyond academic learning.

3. Emphasis on Educational Value

Before they officially go to school, kids typically have their parents as role models. When children move on to an early childhood education program, they get to look up to new people: teachers. These educators nurture a love of learning in young kids, and the earlier this value is instilled, the more likely your child will be eager to learn throughout their school years. Since academics at this age involve entertaining activities, kids will associate happiness and fun with learning — a great way to encourage toddlers to love school from the start.

Early childhood development isn’t just a form of day care; it sets the tone for your child’s future. If your son or daughter is too young to attend kindergarten but is ready to make friends and start a lifelong journey of learning, call Lucky Lane Nursery School at (314) 434-4462. Visit their website to learn about their supportive staff, beautiful campus, and engaging classes. Like them on Facebook to stay up to date with news from the preschool.

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