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3 Tips on Choosing the Right Color for Your Office Furniture July 14, 2017

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Tips on Choosing the Right Color for Your Office Furniture, Manhattan, New York

For a business owner, choosing the right office furniture is an important decision. You may not realize it at first, but the color of your chairs, desks, and overall surroundings will have a major impact on the mood of your employees. If you’re having difficulty picking the right color scheme for your office, here are three key insights to keep in mind.

Office-Furniture-New-York-City1. Colors Affect Mental State

Plenty of well-known businesses already leverage colors to their advantage. Fast food chains often use vibrant color schemes to simultaneously stimulate the appetite while also encouraging you to eat faster. Doing so motivates customers to order ample food but consume it quickly, making room for other customers.

The same principles apply to an office setting. Red, for example, is known to be a very stimulating color. Red’s attention grabbing effect causes physiological changes you may not even notice, such as a rapid heartbeat. Researchers believe this may have an evolutionary basis in setting off the fight-or-flight response.

Blue, on the other hand, has been known to promote relaxation. When purchasing business furniture, you need to remember that color will impact your employees’ ability to stay focused and energized.

2. Design Standards Represent a Business

While color choice evokes certain responses in individuals, design standards take into account the particular needs of a business. For instance, a law firm that wants to project a dignified professionalism to its team and clients will be best represented in neutral or muted tones, like gray or deep browns. On the other hand, a hip startup office eager to display innovation and creativity is better served with bright, friendly hues.

3. Location & Interior Decoration Must Complement Each Other

Offices tend to display a variety of colors, so it’s important to select ones that either match or are complementary. Color wheels are a great tool for determining what colors work best together. However, since office furniture is a long-term investment, it’s better to call in the design experts for a professional opinion. Finally, the amount of natural light in your office also plays an important role in this decision. If your office isn’t exposed to much natural light, choose lighter, uplifting colors to avoid creating a somber environment.

Interior decorating for your office might seem like a minor task, but the choices you make will impact how your business is perceived and how your employees feel. Don’t take the task lightly. Create a space that inspires your team and showcases the incredible work you do.


To ensure you make the best choice, consult with the business furniture experts at EvensonBest, serving Washington DC, New York, and New Jersey. For more information on custom office furniture, visit them online and contact a representative by calling (202) 540-5700 today.

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