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3 Grease Trap Cleaning Tips From Cincinnati's Top Plumbing Contractor June 28, 2017

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3 Grease Trap Cleaning Tips From Cincinnati's Top Plumbing Contractor, Norwood, Ohio

Grease traps are a useful way for restaurants to prevent grease from building up in their plumbing systems, but cleaning them isn't the easiest task for most business owners. According to the plumbing contractors at Allied Reddi-Rooter in Cincinnati, there are few rules to abide by when tackling the obstacle. Below are the Ohio plumbers’ top three grease trap cleaning tips.

Top 3 Grease Trap Cleaning Tips From Local Plumbing Experts

1. Don't Wash Food Down the Sink

You can help your grease trap do its job between cleaning services by removing food particles from dishes before they enter the sink. When food is washed down the drain, it will cause the trap to fill up prematurely, which results in grease escaping down the drain.

Grease can quickly build up in the drainage pipes and cause an impenetrable blockage. So, even though you have regularly scheduled cleanings taking place, you could end up causing damage to your sewer system.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

You should also avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning the trap on your own. Regardless of whether or not the solutions are specifically designed for grease trap cleaning, they usually result in more harm than good.

These harsh chemicals cause the grease to break away from the trap and wash into your facility's plumbing system. Once they're in the pipes, these particles will join back together and create an inconvenient and potentially costly blockage.

3. Schedule Professional Maintenance

grease trap cleaningConsidering the time, energy, and potential damages involved with grease trap cleaning, many business owners may find hiring a plumbing contractor to be a more efficient option. Not only will you know that your trap is cleaned safely, but you'll also be able to avoid potential fees.

Many local governments place restrictions on the maximum amount of time allowed between cleanings and regulate the proper method of grease disposal. Hiring a plumber that specializes in grease trap cleaning and pumping allows you to avoid the extra hassle.

Get your grease trap cleaning scheduled today by contacting Allied Reddi-Rooter. For over 60 years, the plumbing contractor has provided their customers with quick and reliable plumbing services. Learn about their services online, or contact the Cincinnati plumbers by calling (513) 396-5300.

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